Why doing everything online might make it harder to keep things straight.

My converted spare room home office and near-constant companion, Peppermint the cat.

Zoom Takes Over

In 2020, many of us learned to work from home. The novel coronavirus that caused COVID-19 also caused a shift in how a lot of us worked. Across the world, many teachers, tech workers, knowledge workers, people in media, and people…

Democrats in Iowa /Scott Olson / Getty Images

Identity politics.

We’re so used to the conventional form of identity politics that I think we have difficulty seeing candidates in any other way. We evaluate candidates on whether or not they…

How a mindfulness practice can be cultivated and helpful for academic leaders.

Looking west over Lake Erie, Port Stanley, Ontario

Benefits of team sports

Team sports have a lot of obvious benefits. There’s the physical activity aspect for sure and team sports can be a fun…

Causality and the Cat

Sometimes, even direct causal links are not even enough to infer causation…

Women’s March leaders address a rally against the confirmation of Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh in front of the court building on September 24 | Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Current Events

This week (late September 2018) has been a traumatic and dramatic one. A Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh was accused of an attempted rape 35 years ago. Both he and the accuser, Christine Blasey…

John Paul Minda

Author and Professor of Psychology at Western University. I write about Cognitive Science, Psychology, and Higher Education. http://jpminda.com/

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